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September Poker Promotions


Starts Sept. 8th


60 Minute High Hands

Monday – Friday:2AM – 5AM/$100


30 Minute High Hands

Monday & Thursday: Noon – Midnight/$300

Friday: Noon – Midnight /$500

Sunday:2PM – Midnight/$400

Friday, Sept 27th:10AM – 2AM/$400+Roll Overs

Sunday, Sept 29th: Noon – Midnight/$400+Roll Overs


The highest hand of each promotional period with a minimum of a Full House (AAA22) or better made by any player at an eligible table with a minimum of $20 in the pot, will earn the designated prize.


•Texas Hold’Em

Using Both hole cards= Full Payout

Using One hole card= Half Payout



Flop the High Hand= Full Payout

Turn the High Hand= Half Payout


Any unpaid high hand prizes throughout the month shall be equally distributed to all high hands on September 27th and 29th to increase the prizes as originally posted for those dates.





Starts Sept. 14th


Random Hot Seat drawings during each Hometown College Football Game. Each time our hometown team scores, a hot seat will be selected and win the corresponding prize.


Touchdown= $1,000

Field Goal= $500

Safety= $500


Players must be seated, played the hand prior and not have any missed blind or absent buttons to be eligible. 



Runs 24/7


Any player that makes a Royal Flush in a promo eligible game will receive $500.


The pot must contain a minimum of $10.


In the event the hand is made during another promotion, the higher of the two amounts will be paid.


* All players are bound by the official rules of any promotion.