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About dirty frank's


Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace takes franks to a whole new level, serving up delicious dogs with offbeat toppings that are sure to leave you overstuffed.

In this game, we're all wieners.





THURSDAY: 3 p.m. - 11 p.m.

FRIDAY: 4 p.m. - 1 a.m.

SATURDAY: Noon - 2 a.m.

SUNDAY: Noon - 11 p.m.

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All dogs get Dirty Frank's Beef Dog or Veggie Dog Soy-Free on a Steamed Poppyseed Bun.
All dogs are steamed: can be ripped (fried) or charred (split and grilled) at no extra cost!

Dog Options
Jumbo Beef Dog | add $1.25
Polish Sausage (Meat or Veggie) | add $1.25

Bun Options
Gluten-free Bun | add $1

Top Dogs (*), Vegetarian (v) & Heart Healthy (HH)

*Chili Dog | $5.70 (v)(hh)
Coney sauce (meat or veggie), diced onion, yellow mustard, & cheddar

*Chicago | $5.00 (v)(hh)
Fresh tomatoes, diced onion, sport peppers, sweet relish, dill pickle, yellow mustard, & a dash of celery salt

*Cowgirl Carmen | $5.70 (v)(hh)
Coney Sauce (meat or veggie), cheddar, & crushed Frito’s

*Classy Lady | $5.25 (v)(hh)
Cheese Sauce & crushed potato chips

*Puff the Magic Popper | $5.00 (v)
Cheddar cream cheese, jalapeños & bacon bits (meat or veggie)

*Hot Tot-Cho Dog | $5.70 (v)(hh)
Tots, cheese sauce, jalapeños, & diced onion

*West Virginia Slaw | $5.70 (v)
Coney sauce (meat or veggie), creamy coleslaw, & diced onion

The Old Faithful | $4.50 (v)(hh)
Relish, diced onion, & yellow mustard

Archie's Big Boston | $5.50 (v)(hh)
Baked beans, cheddar, & diced onion

*The CBJ Dog | $5.70 (v)(hh)
Cheese sauce (meat or veggie), bacon bits, & jalapeños

*Sauerkraut Dog | $5.00 (v)(hh)
Sauerkraut, brown mustard, & diced onion

Picnic Table | $5.25 (v)
Baked beans, relish, coleslaw, & crushed chips

The Real Man | $5.70 (v)(hh)
Brown mustard, coney (meat or veggie), sauerkraut, & diced onion

Spicy Slaw Dog | $5.25 (v)
Yellow mustard, coleslaw, sriracha sauce, & diced onion

The Birthday Suit | $4.00 (v)(hh)
Just a plain wiener (no toppings, please)

Your Wiener | $4.50 (v)(hh)
Any 2 of The Basic listed. Extra toppings incur additional charge

Wiener Basket | $13
2 hot dogs, plus fries or tots

Deletions are okay, but......NO SUBSTITUTIONS

*Loaded Potato Dog | $6.25 (v)(hh)
Fries, cheese sauce, sour cream, bacon bits, (meat or veggie), & scallions

*Slappy Pappy's Super Sloppy | $7.00 (v)(hh)
Fries, coney sauce (meat or veggie), cheddar, sour cream, & bacon bits (meat or veggie)

Mac Attack | $6.70 (v)
Mac & cheese bites, cheese sauce, & bacon bits (meat or veggie)

The Basics | 25¢
Baked Beans
Banana Peppers
Brown Mustard
Crushed Potato Chips
Diced Onion
French Fries
Sweet Pickle Relish
Pickle Spear
Roma Tomatoes

Getting’ Fancy | 50¢
Bacon Bits (meat or veggie)
Cheddar Cream Cheese
Cream Cheese (dairy or vegan)
Tater Tots

The Goods| 75¢
Sriracha Slaw

Cheddar (dairy or vegan) | $1
Cheese Sauce (dairy or vegan) | $1
Coney Sauce (chili) (meat or veggie) | $1
Mac Bites | $1.50

Fresh Hand-cut Fries| $1 (v)(hh)
Add cheese sauce for $1
Cheese sauce & bacon bits for $1.50

Tater Tots | $2.95 (v)(hh)
Add cheese sauce for $1
Cheese sauce & bacon bits for $1.50

Alex Style Tot-Chos | $5.25 (v)(hh)
Tots, coney sauce (meat or veggie) & cheese sauce / sub fries for free

Deluxe Tot-Chos | $5.25 (v)(hh)
Tots, coney sauce (meat or veggie), cheese sauce, jalapeños, tomatoes, & onion / sub fries for free

Mac & Cheese | $3.25 (v)(hh)
Sport pepper garnish

Mac & Cheese Bites | $6.25 (v)
With side of ranch

Beanie-Weenie| $4.75 (v)(hh)
Sliced beef or veggie, mixed with baked bean, cheddar, & onion

Boston Baked Beans| $2.95 (v)(hh)
Cheddar & onion on top!

Siracha Slaw| $2.95 (v)
Coleslaw with a siracha drizzle

Chili Mac| $6.50 (v)(hh)
Our creamy, dreamy, Mac & Cheese with a heaping helping of coney sauce (meat & veggie), & topped with onion

Funnel Cake Fries | $6 (v)
Like the Fair, only better! Topped with cinnamon & powdered sugar