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promotional details

Swipe at a mychoice kiosk Tuesday - Friday to make your picks for the upcoming week's pro football games!

Selections can be made beginning at 6AM Tuesday through 11:59PM Friday each week.

mychoice members receive 1 free entry per week. Earn 100 tier points playing your favorite slots and tables for an additional entry. Earn up to 2 additional entries per week.

Once selections have been made, they may not be amended.

Each week, fifty (50) players who selected the most accurate game outcomes will receive prizes.

Guests with winning picks must return to the kiosk each Tuesday between 10AM and 11:59PM to claim their prize. Guests who do not claim their prize within the claiming period forfeit their Free SlotPlay prize.

The guest with the most weekly wins over the 18-week promotional period wins $5,000 CASH!

Weekly Prize Structure:

1st Place - $1,000 Free SlotPlay
2nd Place - $750 Free SlotPlay
3rd Place - $500 Free SlotPlay
4th-7th Place - $250 Free SlotPlay
8th-14th Place - $100 Free SlotPlay
15th-29th Place - $75 Free SlotPlay
30th-50th Place - $50 Free SlotPlay

End of Season Prize Structure:

1st Place - $5,000 CASH
2nd Place - $2,500 Free SlotPlay
3rd Place - $2,000 Free SlotPlay
4th Place - $1,500 Free SlotPlay
5th Place - $1,000 Free SlotPlay
6th Place - $750 Free SlotPlay
7th-10th Place - $500 Free SlotPlay

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DAVID IS000170960 9/20/2022 $1000 Free SlotPlay
MISTY IA000257443 9/20/2022 $750 Free SlotPlay
JACQUELINE IA000013435 9/20/2022 $500 Free SlotPlay
REBECCA IS000307347 9/20/2022 $250 Free SlotPlay
JEANINE IV001056955 9/20/2022 $250 Free SlotPlay
CLINTON IA000003483 9/20/2022 $250 Free SlotPlay
EUNICE IS000271113 9/20/2022 $250 Free SlotPlay
JERRILYNNE IA000035304 9/20/2022 $100 Free SlotPlay
JOANNE IS000497213 9/20/2022 $100 Free SlotPlay
ANDREA IA000081382 9/20/2022 $100 Free SlotPlay
JOHN IS000406780 9/20/2022 $100 Free SlotPlay
ANDREW IS000336533 9/20/2022 $100 Free SlotPlay
LORI IS000447825 9/20/2022 $100 Free SlotPlay
UY IS000437494 9/20/2022 $100 Free SlotPlay
VIC IS000344669 9/20/2022 $75 Free SlotPlay
J RANDALL IS000341131 9/20/2022 $75 Free SlotPlay
ANTHONY IA000031811 9/20/2022 $75 Free SlotPlay
LUVIDA IS000219801 9/20/2022 $75 Free SlotPlay
LILI IA000095789 9/20/2022 $75 Free SlotPlay
YOLANDA IA000141514 9/20/2022 $75 Free SlotPlay
MICHAEL IA000006112 9/20/2022 $75 Free SlotPlay
ERICA IA000463439 9/20/2022 $75 Free SlotPlay
KATHRYN IA000118261 9/20/2022 $75 Free SlotPlay
JACQUELINE I9000074589 9/20/2022 $75 Free SlotPlay
LORI IA000167501 9/20/2022 $75 Free SlotPlay
JOHN IC000125401 9/20/2022 $75 Free SlotPlay
CYNTHIA IA000047738 9/20/2022 $75 Free SlotPlay
RUSSELL IA000452090 9/20/2022 $75 Free SlotPlay
DERRICK IA000128461 9/20/2022 $75 Free SlotPlay
KIRK IA000371113 9/20/2022 $50 Free SlotPlay
STEVEN IS000165714 9/20/2022 $50 Free SlotPlay
KELLI IS000264797 9/20/2022 $50 Free SlotPlay
KIMBERLY IS000497242 9/20/2022 $50 Free SlotPlay
ANTHONY IS000627379 9/20/2022 $50 Free SlotPlay
ROBERT I9000374240 9/20/2022 $50 Free SlotPlay
RITA IS000357589 9/20/2022 $50 Free SlotPlay
MARISA IA000452432 9/20/2022 $50 Free SlotPlay
CHRISTOPHER IA000334807 9/20/2022 $50 Free SlotPlay
CHRISTIAN IA000445410 9/20/2022 $50 Free SlotPlay
BOYSIE IS000508533 9/20/2022 $50 Free SlotPlay
KIM IS000041020 9/20/2022 $50 Free SlotPlay
RITA IS000379072 9/20/2022 $50 Free SlotPlay
SHAD IX102695814 9/20/2022 $50 Free SlotPlay
GREGORY IX000110988 9/20/2022 $50 Free SlotPlay
TINA IS000696849 9/20/2022 $50 Free SlotPlay
CATHLEEN IS000513816 9/20/2022 $50 Free SlotPlay
MELISSA IS000129431 9/20/2022 $50 Free SlotPlay
FRANK IS000747546 9/20/2022 $50 Free SlotPlay
ANDREW IA000408744 9/20/2022 $50 Free SlotPlay
PAMELA IS000642149 9/20/2022 $50 Free SlotPlay
Guests with winning picks must return to the kiosk each Tuesday between 10AM and 11:59PM to claim their prize.
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rules & additional details

  • Open to all mychoice Rewards card members

  • Must be 21 years of age or older to obtain a mychoice Rewards card. 

  • No purchase necessary to receive a mychoice Rewards card.

  • Participants must swipe their player’s card at the kiosk located on the gaming floor to be eligible for this promotion. 

  • Qualifying mychoice members can only win one (1) prize each promotional week.

  • All mychoice Rewards members will receive one (1) free entry per week during the promotional period by swiping their mychoice Rewards card at the kiosk located on the gaming floor

  • Additional entries can be earned each week during the promotional period for every one hundred (100) tier points earned, for up to two (2) additional entries, giving guests a maximum total of three (3) weekly entries.

  • Each week, guests can select the pro football team(s) they think will win in the upcoming week’s Sunday through Monday games as well as the final score for the Monday game* of the upcoming week.

  • Picks can only be made each week beginning Tuesday at 6:00AMFriday at 11:59PM for the upcoming week’s football games.

  • If a game is cancelled or changed due to extenuating circumstances, the pick will be invalid and will not count for the week.

  • Once submitted, guests will receive a voucher detailing their weekly picks.

  • All weekly picks are final and cannot be modified.

  • If a guest does not want to make specific picks, they can use a ‘quick pick’ feature and the kiosk will automatically pick for them.

  • On the Tuesday following each week’s game(s) beginning Tuesday, September 13, 2022, the fifty (50) guests with the most correct picks will win FREE SLOTPLAY

  • Guests with winning picks must return to the kiosk each Tuesday between 10:00AM and 11:59PM to claim their FREE SLOTPLAY prize. Guests who do not claim their prize within the claiming period each Tuesday will forfeit their FREE SLOTPLAY, and the prize will not be reissued.

  • Weekly winners can only be claimed the Tuesday following the game(s) from 10:00AM11:59PM. Winners older than one (1) week will not be honored.

  • In the event that there is a tie, the score of the Monday game* will act as the tie-breaker.  The guest who is closest to guessing the score correctly, without exceeding the actual score, will be the winner. 

  • In the event that there is a tie with the score of the Monday game* or both winners’ scores exceed the actual score, the guest who made their picks first will be the winner.

  • On Tuesday, January 10, 2023, the weekly winners as well as the top ten (10) participants that select the most wins over the 18-week promotional period will be available at the kiosks from 10:00AM – 11:59PM.

  • The guest with the most weekly wins over the 18-week promotional period will receive five thousand dollars ($5,000) in cash.

  • In the event that there is more than one (1) guest in first place, the Monday scores for each week will be reviewed and used as the tie breaker. The guest with the most Monday score tie breaker wins without exceeding the actual scores will be awarded the grand prize

  • *Week 18 does not have a Monday Night Football game scheduled. Participating guests will guess the score of the Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, January 8, 2022 as the tie breaker.

  • In order to be awarded the first-place prize, the guest must have participated in all eighteen (18) weeks of the promotional period.

  • Should a technical difficulty occur, the FREE SLOTPLAY will be awarded to the winner’s account within twenty-four (24) hours. 

  • In the event of a kiosk or technical malfunction/outage, Hollywood Casino Columbus reserves the right to temporarily discontinue the promotion until a reasonable solution has been determined and implemented. Any games or prizes being played or awarded at the time of the malfunction will be honored and resolved within twenty-four (24) hours. 

  • Hollywood Casino Columbus is not responsible for games not played due to the malfunction/outage and during the malfunction/outage period, as well as any subsequent prizes from those games. Prizes not redeemed during the malfunction period will be reviewed and awarded on a case-by-case basis at management’s discretion.